Troy's party last night was pretty good. :D Like I was kinda bored in the first half of the night, but at the end it was good and yeah, didn't wanna leave. Lol it's always like that at parties where I don't know the people, always kinda boring in the first half and then later it gets good.
  • Troy's dog is really, really small. :o
  • I was bored cuz most people were dancing and I'm not really into that. Um, some people were near the trampoline and had some chairs, playing Truth or Dare and Shoot, Shag, Marry and stuff, but yeah it wasn't as good then cuz I didn't really know the people there. So yeah, was kinda bored for that part.
  • It'll sound boring but it was good when we sat around on the trampoline and played I Never and Truth or Dare. This was when it was dark, and we were all sitting or lying down on the trampoline, that was nice. ^^ But yeah, found out stuff about each other.
  • Troy got flavoured condoms from Lisa and he showed his dad, and his dad was like, What would you do with those! LOL, he's so cool, as if like an Asian parent would say the same LOL.
  • People were dressed up pretty mad, and Luke had a newspaper suit! And Danica was dressed as Storm from X-Men, but she had a lighting bolt and everyone thought she was Lady Gaga, haha. And just randomly, but they know who Lady Gaga is, in Korea, LOL, like it was in one of the Krn shows I watch and yeah, they mentioned her, haha.
  • But later at night, it was dark and everyone was just sitting in three groups, either in one of the circles near the lights and sitting on the chairs, or on the trampoline. And we talked and played I Never for a bit, but after a while people drifted off into the house or other places and yeah, we just lied down and were looking at the clouds, making shapes and animals and stuff, and the weather was pretty calm and nice, but fucken mosquitoes, omg, I have no idea why but like 80% of the mosquito bites I have are on my fricken feet, and it's so annoying, omg. But um, yeah, we were just talking and it was nice. :D I like parties like this, where I don't really know the people as well, cuz like .. If it weren't for the party, then we wouldn't really have hung around, and at the end of the night when everything goes quieter and calmer, you just get to talk and kinda get closer and stuff. :) Oh, and when everything was quieter, even the music was quieter, like playing acoustics and nice covers of more upbeat, intense songs. It was nice, though, made the mood all nice. ^^
  • Oh yeah, Lisa had this drink called Morning Rice and it's bad. It takes like rice with sweetener .. But it's weird. :o
  • And before, Lisa was playing with makeup and putting it on people and haha she's so noob and stuff. :p And DP has like the nicest eyes ever, her lashes are like sooo thick and long and curled, farout, fml, they're so nice. :o Jealous, haha.
  • Um, at one point people were just jumping on the trampoline and someone just curls up into a ball and they're the 'egg', and everyone jumps around them and they bounce and everything .. Okay that sounds weird, LOL, but it was cool.
  • And Nikkida played a song, probs called like 'When I'm With You', or smth? Cuz that's what she kept singing in the chorus? Lol, but it was really nice, I'd never heard her sing/play guitar previously, so yeah, it was nice. :) And full made me miss my boyfr, lol. D:
  • I should find photos from Facebook to upload here. Will do that ASAP, promise. :o

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