I still need to figure out how to get to Troy's. :S Maybe Danica's at Livo right now? Idk. My mum thinks I'm going to Troy's, so if she asks me how I'm going to get there, I'm gonna have to know what's going on and have a plan and everything, or else the chance of me going is gonna drop heaps. Troy's party should be fun. But why do I always look terrible in photos. :o I wanna print photos for my wall cuz I took down all the posters on my wall and all the clothing tags I'd put up on my closet doors. So my room looks emptier but bigger. I've got $5 right now and that's including this week's allowance. Fuck my life. :o

How tall and how heavy are you?

I am roughly 55 kilos, 180cm. I lost weight :O

27 minutes ago by LZorro

Whoa, Lawrence is 180cm? Wth, it sounds so tall.

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