I think that guy is cute. Lol. :D And Wendy, aren't those the headphones you wanted or smth? Um, don't remember what happened today, but that would probs mean nothing interesting? Ms Ross was in a shit mood and was acting so bitchy, lol. Grace's last day tomorrow, and at English tutor, she's like, I'm gonna say bye to everyone tomorrow, and I'll have to give them a hug. :D I'll hug you tomorrow, but you can't be lesbian-y and hug me back, it has to be like a pat LOLL. I need to find photos from Troy's party .. Mr Kearney was like, Did anything happen on the weekend, and we're like, Troy's party! :D And he thought we said horse riding, and he's like, Oh, so you went to Troy's party, then when did you go horse riding? Haha. Aw man, I need to sign into Facebook and like .. add Bhavna as a friend and everything to see her photos. I'm not gonna add Bhavna on like my brother or sister's account, lol. Maybe I should make an account, but I can't be fucked. Oh, Eugene went to HK yesterday. Hopefully he reads this, cuz Eugene, I want a bento box, do they sell them in HK? Can you get me a bento box? They're really cute. LOL. :D :D

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