Man, I really wanna redecorate my room. Ages ago, I really needed a new chest of drawers, bookshelf and a table in my room, so my parents gave me $300 I think to get what I wanted at Ikea, but I didn't plan things out properly, lol, and I bought a chest of drawers and a side table. And now I regret it, cuz all the dimensions are messed up, lol. But yeah I really wanna get a bookshelf/s now, and I wanna make it all pretty and make my room really nice and stuff. That's another reason why I wanna get a job, too, so I can buy pretty furniture and stuff for my room. I wanna print out all these photos for my wall, take down my posters cuz I'm sick of them already. But like, I really badly want a job, so I can pay my parents back, go shopping, make my room pretty and like not be so poor all the time. :( :( Oh, and so I can buy my friends presents and stuff like that. Cuz they're the best. :D Oh, gotta go.

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