Omg, so my internet has been really bad lately, and Genvin's been on the computer like a lot of the time cuz he's practising for half yearlies and doing work, or he's relaxing and just on Facebook and blogging and stuff, so I haven't been online lately.

Today, I had an ortho appointment at 4:20pm and ended up staying in Livo, in school uniform, until like 6:30pm LOL. Um, so I got to Livo Westfields at 3:20pm and then walked aroundddd. Haven't been to Livo in forever just to shop or look around, though, cuz I haven't been going on Wednesdays and every time I go out, I always go city, not even Parra. I miss Parra, maybe I should go sometime. :D But yeah, walked around in Livo, and I was testing lip colours and yeah, I really wanna get lipstick now? LOL. ^^ They're full nice, yeah, and Priceline has a sale, buy 1 get 1 free for all Revlon lipcolours, so yeah, I wanna get something, but I'm intense poor, don't think I should be spending on like make up and stuff. D: Fml. Umm, wanna get these boot heels from Rubi, too, but I'm not sure if I'd look weird in them or not, and my mum might get annoyed if I get them cuz I don't think she lets me wear heels. Heels are like so nice, though, and make me so much taller and make my legs look good, LOL. Saw this nice skirt at Supre, it's just a mini pencil skirt, black, has a zipper at the back that doesn't go the whole way, I reckon it's pretty nice and it's $25, but I didn't get it.

Troy's party is on Saturday and I really don't know if I'm going or not. Cuz it's a dress-up party, and it won't be cool if you don't dress up cuz everyone else is gonna be dressed up, and you'll come along, not dressed up and stuff and they'll be like, Oh what you dressed up as? And you'll be like, I'm not dressed up, and that's just like awkward and killing the fun, LOL, so yeah I'm not sure if I'll go, but I mentioned it kinda to my mum and she was .. didn't say much about it. Well, I was talking to my sister about how I had a party and not sure what to wear and if I should go or not, and my mum was like, What, you have a party? When did you tell me that! And I'm like, Yeah I haven't told you, I;n not sure if I'm going if I can't find something to wear cuz blah blah, and she's like, Who's party is it, and I'm like, Troy's, but you don't know him. So yeah, I'm pretty sure she would let, cuz it's a party, but I don't know if I should be spending money on clothes, especially a skirt, but I'm not sure, cuz I might look really skinny in a pencil skirt but maybe I won't, and I don't have any skirts but maybe cuz I don't think I look that good in them, but that's cuz I think skirts make my legs look not long enough, but this is a mini skirt, so I really don't know. Lol, making things to complicated. I'm like really poor right now, yeah, and I only get $15 a week cuz I mega owe my mum heaps of money, yeah, so I don't know what to do. Oh, and I don't really have anything saved up, but I have a $20 Supre voucher thing, and if anyone shops at Supre or really wants something at Supre right now for $20, then can they like please tell me and like buy it off me PLEASE? Lol. :(

I really need a job. So I need to finish my resume. So I need to ask Mr Mai if I can put him on my references. And maybe I'll put Ms Thomas as well, or Hughes, cuz he's a cool cat and cuz I don't think Ms Thomas likes me too much. I've had her every year since year 7, but I don't think she likes me. Hughes was a mad teacher, though, but I don't have him this year, so it might be kinda weird to ask him if I can put him on my references? Not sure. But I really have to get it done, fucking hell. :(

Thanks for like leaving me all this Formspring. :D Ask a question, tell me something, whateverr. :D

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