Um, so like I woke up at 10:03am and my mum got angry that I woke up so late and told me off for a lot of things, and yeah, hopefully things are alright and that my parents don't get too angry and stuff. :s Actually, I think they might be pretty annoyed, cuz I woke up late last week as well, but that was cuz I was sick. What the fuck have I been doing. :( Oh, I watched a bit of 500 Days of Summer yesterday. It's pretty cute, I like it, so far.

Today's actually pretty hot. :I Maybe it was a good thing I didn't go schoool. I started doing Truong homework and gave up on question 13. But I finished my PE work from yesterday. I wrote like at least 6 pages, just copying dot points from the book, omg. I wanna go Ikea again, my room sucks and I wanna get a bookshelf. Farout. :(

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