That drink looks soo good. So icy and nice. LOL. :9 Yay, today was cool and I'm tired .. but I actually have stuff to blog about today? Like I actually remember what I did today, what happened today .. ? But I'm gonna blog and then make smth to eat and then probs edit and elaborate later?
  • Preg testing is actually pretty fun. Full warm in the cow, and I didn't get crap on me or nething. Wouldn't been so bad if I did, cuz I didn't have a shirt or nething. Umm, it wasn't even that hard to actually get into the cow, either, cuz all these people said it was so hard to get your hand through. So hard to the point that you're not sure if you can even get it through. :o But it's not that bad, and it's fun. :D
  • English assessment marks today and I thought I did really intensely bad. I was so worried that I wouldn't even get 50%, full dreading period 6 when I had English. Heard from 10E that the highest mark was 16/20, and that only 8 people in the grade got that. I was worried and thought I'd get 10. Average was 10 or 11? My teacher said it was 11, and our class average was 10.4, but I heard that the average was 10. So I'm not sure. Anyway, so we're in English and Ms Smith is like, There have been rumours that the highest mark was 16/20, lowest was 3/20, our class average was whatevs and the grade average was whatever, and one person in our class got 16. Everyone was full like, Ohhh Koshilaaa, LOL. And then Ms went through the questions and commented on how the grade did in general, how we didn't plan our time properly and stuff like that. So she was going through the questions, saying that you would've gotten 1 mark if you did this, 2 if you wrote this, etc etc, and me, Yvy, Kosh and Vanessa were just like, Aw shit, fuck my life and everything, LOL. But uh, yeah, turns out I got 16 (5, 3, 8), and I totally wasn't expecting it either. :I And the teacher read my response out for question 1, and apparently Mr Hancock read it out to his class as well. So yeah I'm happy with that. Obviously. Cuz I thought I'd get 50%. :o
  • Troy's party is tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'll go, cuz I can borrow a skirt off Angela. Man, I hate wearing skirts. Like they're okay, shorts are nicer, and there are these Bardot shorts on sale for $50 and Idk which ones to get, black or blue, but yeah, cuz shorts make my legs look way longer cuz they're shorter, and skirts .. they don't make my legs look long enough, and if I wear a pencil skirt it just makes me look bad, all skinny and lanky and whatever, I rkn. But yeah, Troy's party, I guess I'll suit up? But I don't even know how I'm getting thereeee! Need to talk to Danica, and find out how she's getting there. :o Jenny might go Livo before, and Danica would probs go as well, and so I should go with them, and then we all go back to Danica's and I'm guessing to do makeup, cuz that's just .. so Danica, LOL. Oh, but I wish I had a pretty blouse. I'm borrowing a grey marle skirt off Angela .. But I really wish I had a pretty blouse, and heels, and those stockings from Sportsgirl. Lol. D: If it's hot tomorrow, that's just gonna be annoying; everyone's either in a costume or suit.
  • Maybe I should check out ZE:A.

Edit at 9:11pm:
  • The highest mark for the linear Truong exam was 38/40 and I got 36. I thought I was gonna do pretty bad or smth, but yeah, turns out I didn't do that bad. A lot of people got 38, though, so I think the test was done well? Ughh, Sir kept asking me stuff in class and I didn't even know. :( Like omg, full don't remember absolute values, kinda. FML.
  • Borrowed a grey skirt off Angelaaaaa. Thanks Angela. :D It's just panelled, grey marle. Um, it's like slightly too big but I can still wear it. Only slightly too big. If I wear it high-ish then it's too big. Oh, I look really bad in drop-crotch pants, cuz the skinnier parts make my legs just look completely fucked. LOL.
  • I don't even know how I'm meant to be getting to Troy's tomorrow. Maybe I should go online and talk to Danica and stuff. LOL. I'm so lazy to go online now, gah. :(
  • This girl is really cute, and her hair is nice and looks good on her, and her clothes are nice. Wtf, jealous. :(

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