A lot of things happened today, haha. I came to school and wth, I have a science topic test? I think I did bad, lol, which sucks cuz this year was meant to be like, the year when I actually learnt stuff in science so I should be doing good. But yeah, don't think I did too well for the topic test, farout. Um, commerce was watching that video, and this guy with a bad monobrow went to court wearing the full short football shorts, LOL. Um, not sure what happened at recess .. Oh yeah, cancelled assembly, so we were studying for Truong, lol. Um, nothing really interesting happened. Worked on art during lunch, and people said it looked like me, which was good cuz it actually really sucks. Why does Grace have to sit next to me. LOL. Cuz her one is soo good, and like .. You look at hers, and then you look at mine .. And omg, diagonally next to me is Christie. Fml. Why do they have to be so good. TT" Umm, period 6 was maths, and we had a maths topic test and like me, Vivian, Wendy, Danica and I'm not sure about Angela, Grace, maybe Michelle and Margaret, instead of like let the number be x, we drew like symbols/pictures, LOL, so I was like let the number be ★ and ▲, haha. Um, so yeah, how exciting LOL. Hrrmmm.. We had a test at Truong and I'm really not sure if I did that well, ugh, kinda worried but I guess it shouldn't be too bad, lol .. :S Er, after Truong my dad and sister forgot to pick me up so they were on their way home and were almost home, then remembered they had to pick me up. TT' So I had to stay with Angela but her mum was like right across the road waiting. TT" But yeah, so after a while Angela had to leave to pick up her sister and then it was just me and my Truong teachers.

Don't remember what else happened cuz my mum is asking me about crap and it's really annoying me lol.

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