I've got a fever, dry or sore throat and a blocked nose. Wonder what that means. My dad woke me up at 7:38am this morning and was like, Aren't you going to school? I didn't even know what time it was, and my dad was like, Are you sick? He checked my forehead and said I had a fever and then went away, and I asked him later if I was going to school and he said nope. So I went back to sleep and actually got out of bed at 11:30am. And ate for like an hour and a half, lol. Normally I wouldn't eat breakfast but yeah, wow. Been drinking soo much water, I've filled up my 750ml bottle like 4 times already and I've only been awake for like two and a half hours?

I only remembered yesterday, but I've got a linear exam at Truong on Friday? Farout, lol, and it's covering everything in linear, so I'll need to know other things like perpendicular distance, stuff like that? Fml, lol. Hopefully I do well .. I'm looking over some things for perpendicular distance that I forgot I even did, but it's not that hard or nething, which is good. Hopefully the exam isn't crazy hard, that's all.

Being sick sucks, omg. I had a fever last month, as well, like around a whole month ago, and it's soo annoying, cuz every time I get sick, I have a fever. It's so annoying. Cuz you just feel really uncomfortable and hot and cold at the same time. Faarout. I feel like not working, and doing a survey. But just spent the past few minutes looking for one off other blogs and couldn't find one. :(

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