Lol, everyone's been singing songs from PE dance. And every time I watch our dance or listen to the track, Boom is so catchy, always stuck in my head. Anyway, oh, out of the dances I've seen, I really like the fight scene in Lisa Nguyen's one and the driving/car crash part in Nikkida's one. Full cute, with the Mario background music, keke. I don't think I've blogged properly in a long-ish time? Not sure, lol. I kinda think school's getting a bit boring, and I don't really remember what I even do there. ;__;

Oh, today was pretty bludge. Fire evacuation drill practice took up heaps of period 2, which was good. In sport, we (Danica, Jenny, Kristina but not really, Liza and me) were like .. acting and pretending. Lol, like Liza was meant to be a lostie bimbo and she was sooo funny, omg, she's so good at it. Like we told her anything, said anything and since she's such a pro at acting and faking it, she would full believe it, it was soo funny. She's like to me, Omg Jenny told me if you stand in the sun, all your hair will fall off! And I'm so smooth, haha, I was like, Omg whoa she's so right, quick, hide in my bed, and she's like, Where's your bed? And I'm like, In my pants, and she's like, Oh cool, I'll hop right in, LOL. She's soo cool, but sport actually sucked, it was so hot and we were meant to be playing soccer? Fricken crazy, lol.

Errr, I love siu long bao. Lol, like you'd only get what I mean if you were canto. But omg, had some yesterday and I hadn't had them in ages, was full good. New favourite song -- Without You - U-Kiss! (link here)

So far we've gotten the most views, even though we weren't first uploaded? ^^ Man, I'm so sick of our dance, lol, I don't even wanna watch it. I can't dance for shietttt. :(

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