Man, something's weird with my Formspring. I think everyone's going to be YouTubing the PE dances, which were today. Anyway, with my Formspring, I answered all these questions (like it's not every day that I get so many questions, man, lol) and then I pressed Save, and then when I went to my profile page, like half of them aren't even there! So FML, lol. And with the PE dance thing, I think it went really well! I was kinda stressed, but things were good, I might've gone a bit too fast near the end and sometimes during the chorus, but yeah, it was good, and we performed twice. Encore, man. Lol. Oh, just watched Emily's on YouTube, it's pretts mad. I really like the driving part, haha, with the Mario music, cuz it really gets the message across, and it's so cute. :P

Yeha, people have been asking me what my new wallet looks like. It's from Sportsgirl, $24.95, yay.

Sorry I haven't been posting much, cuz I've been really stressed out with things lately. Formspring replies are no longer going to be posted on my blog, because some shit is messed with Formspring and it posts questions individually. Um .. yeah, that's all I can think of right now. Thanks for all the questions on Formspring! But sometimes I get questions and post answers, but they just totally don't come up on my profile or anything at all.

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