Today was full mad. :D No jokes, haha, it was really fun, but my feet kill. But happy birthday, Jennie (16) and Eugene (14)! So yesterday, after Truong, Danica said she wanted to go city but had no one to go with. Then my parents forgot to pick me up, and when I was in the car, my sister asked me if I wanted to go city with her, cuz she has this design seminar (Semi-Permanent) which for 2 days and she was gonna be out in the city, so she asked if I wanted to go and I could like go shopping or something. Cuz like you have to buy tickets to go and stuff. Then my net was really shit that night, but I was gonna go city. And also, because my net was shit and because I went city, I didn't know about how all the girls at Thomson's surprise dinner were meant to be wearing skirts/dresses! FML.

My sister had to get to the city early, so I woke up earlier and hung the laundry I did last night, haha. Um, then we missed our planned bus and train so looked up later times so yeah. Apparently someone saw me on the T-Way, too, cuz someone said it on my Formspring, lol. But yeah, we got to Livo station and it was pretty empty cuz it was a Saturday, and I saw birthday girl Jennie! :D And she was meeting up with a friend and going Parra for her birthday, probably to shop or something .. I haven't been to Parra in forever! :D Anyway, so her party was last Friday, and apparently this guy who was at the party .. his cousin who was also at the party said I was hot and was trying to make Jennie hook us up? LOL. But yeah, kinda have a boyfr, kinda meeting up with him now, lol.

So we got to the city at like 10am, and my sister's seminar (cuz she missed her first one and then there's a break, then the second one which she was going to) was at 10:45am. So we hung around in caps, and she tried a few times and got a really small Hannari which is like .. with a chain-ish thing, so it's meant to be hung on your phone and stuff, yeah. Um, but didn't hang around for long, so yeah.

Met up with my bfr, keke. Not even sure what we did, tbh, LOL. We walked around, yeah, and there wasn't really much to do. Um, we went to the Asian IGA and bought like Asian chips and drinks and stuff, and omg, they're soo good, like there were these chilli chips, and like they were really good, I rkn. Like I don't even like chilli, and it wasn't even that spicy or nething, but it was really nice. Oh and we got strawberry Pocky, I haven't had it in ageessss. We didn't have much to do cuz we had like 6 hours or something, and none of us had money to go shopping, LOL, like I started the whole day with $23. :O And that was meant to include travel and dinner at Bau Truong, for Thomson's. :0 So yeah, I was pretty poor, lol. So yeah we went like movies and seriously, Shutter Island is a fucking shit movie and don't watch it, it's fucking confusing, mega long, the actual story is boring and there's meant to be like the intense badass twist at the end, omfg, I rkn it's just really shit and Leonardo DiCaprio is getting old and stuff, fkn, it's a shit movie, just don't watch it, lol. So yeah, we watched the movie and it was crap, yeah. Went to Maccas and got fries, and this was like at 3:15pm I think.

Oh yeah, we went to like Morning Glory before the movie but didn't get nething, but the toys on the bottom floor are like .. there's this teddy bear and it's so cute and soft and big and stuff, keke. ^^ Um, we went to the Asian store in Chinatown with Korean CDs, Jap dramas and has like 2-3 TV screens and plays all this Korean music with the MV playing on the screen? LOL. Like, every time I go in there, I always hear Heartbreaker by G-Dragon, lol. Oh, Shock by BEAST is actually in store, now! And it's $18! And now the U-Kiss album I got Michelle which I totally forgot the name of, but I think it's like, The First One or Only One or some shit like that, LOL, I totally made that up, yeah, but it's there and I think for $20 now .. Lol I seriously don't know what we did for the whole day, cuz we didn't even go shopping in any clothes stores or nething. o__o Oh yeah, we went into Priceline! Haha, that was fun, lol. Idk. But Revlon lipsticks are soo pretty, and I wanna get like a lot of lipsticks and a lot of nail polishes, they're so pretty, look so nice and stuff, keke. And I wanna get Revlon Color Stay eye liner, cuz I used Yvy's on Tuesday and it was good, lol, but I really wanna get Revlon lip colours! So pretty, the packaging and stuff, keke. :D

Uhh .. well anyway, we were walking back to Central, this was around like 4:30pm or something, not sure but I think around then, and we were walking past Caps and wth, full random, saw Kin-Mun and some of his friends LOLL, so yeah, and we forgot to invite him to Thomson's! D: But yeah, we should've invited him, but I'm not sure if he'd even go but he probably would've .. Um, we got pizza at this place outside Central and it was like so nice LOL. But yeah, awkwarddd, seeing my ex while I'm with my current. Lollllll.

Got on my train at 4:57pm, and I got to Canley at 5:43pm. Full thought I was gonna be late! And this was in the late afternoon right, so the sun was setting but it was still really hot, yeah? Fucken, had to walk all the way from Canley station to 250 Canley Vale Rd, and it was soo hot and everything, full walking fast cuz I thought I was gonna be late. TT" But yeah, I got there and was all hot and looking bad and sweaty and shit, lol, and people only got there around that time anyway, some people got there later. TT" But yeah, then I find out about how the girls were meant to be wearing stupid dresses/skirts, and I was in shorts, zomg. TT"

But the dinner was mad! Full fun, cuz if it weren't for the party, we wouldn't have hung around. In the end, it was Alan, Thomson, Grace, me, Danica, Liza, Yvy, Jacqueline, Christie, Vanessa, Mitchell, Kabir, Angela, Raymond, Kenny, Wendy, Eric, Nicholas, Simon Wang, Nathan and Khoa. Wow, yeah? Cuz seriously, it's just people from all these different stations, as if we would've hung around like this on like a closed weekend, going out to eat or smth, right? So it was so nice. :D I always look so bad in photos, farout, so like I don't take that many cuz I look so bad, farr, I need a haircut, I'm so sad, LOL. Um, but it was really fun! Everyone just shared their food and got drinks and paid for whatever they ordered, it was cool. :D Soo many funny photos taken, too. :P But omg, we had like two cakes for Thomson, and one of them was an ice cream cake and the other was just normal, chocolate, and the ice cream cake was full melting so we we just like .. ate it with forks LOL. It was so fun, lol. I really need to like just take photos off people, via Facebook, lol, but it was really good. But why do I look so bad in photos. :(

Um, got driven to Danica's by Angela's mum, who wanted to get some K-Pop off me, LOL, then Ken came over for a bit and we hung around but it was only for a bit, cuz I had to get picked up. This was at like 9pm or something, btw. And, I want all of Danica's lipsticks. I like lipstick. They're so pretty.

Today was goooodddd, I'm tiirrrredddddd .. :D Love you guys so fricken much, lol. :D :D

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