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a: how often do you and your significant other argue?
Um, we don't really argue that much. It's just like, one of us messed something up and the other person's annoyed and the other person's cut, but I don't know, they're not really fights? Anyway, not often. :)

b: what was the last book you read?
Er. I actually don't remember ..

c: do you have a pointy chin?
Hm, maybe I do, but I'm not sure. Wow, I never thought about it.

d: what is the last thing that disgusted you?
Hmm, I'm not sure but I think it was maybe something recent .. But I really don't remember, lol.

e: have you ever ridden on an elephant?

f: do you think the earth is pretty from space?
I don't really think any planet is like particularly pretty or anything. :I

g: do you know anyone named gina?

h: when was the last time you felt happy?
Oh. Sometime during today, maybe around period 5 or something? Keke. ^^

i: could you ever live in an igloo?
But I don't wanna.

j: do you prefer jam or marmalade?
Neither? :S

k: how old were you when you first were allowed to use a knife?
Whoa, I don't remember. :0

l: do you believe walking under a ladder is bad luck?
Nop, but I probably wouldn't do it anyway, keke.

m: have you ever seen maggots?
Ew, yes, they're fucking gross.

n: are you naive?
Probably sometimes.

o: is your pet obedient?
Not really, no. :/

p: how patient are you?
I can be both, it just depends on the situation.

q: who is your favorite queen?
I don't really have an opinion.

r: what was the last racist thing that you heard?
Fucking what the fuck, Danica just sent me a fucking link to a fucking virus and I didn't know and thought she was just showing me something and I was downloading it but cancelled it before it was done, but fucken that pissed me off LOL.

s: was the last snake you saw poisonous?
Last snake I saw was from Kristina's party, an Natural Confectionary snake, and it was orange, and Yvy was whipping people with it and was like, You're so whippedd! And she got Grace in the eye, HAHA.

t: where did you last travel to?
To school?

u: do you know anyone who can play the ukulele?

v: do you pronounce 'vase' v-ace or v-ahz?

w: what was the last thing you watered?
I don't really water the plants.

x: who was the last person in your family to get an x-ray?
Probably my mum or sister.

y: what was the last thing you yearned for?
Hmm .. probably something materialistic. :/

z: do you know what a zinnia is?

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