Happy birthday, Michelle!

So I should be doing my English homework instead of deleting multiple responses on stupid fucking Formspring and checking my updates on Tumblr. And blogging. Lol so right now I'm kinda worried, even though things are probably okay. Well, I don't know. I'm still worried, even though people say things would be okay. I hope so. Lol. Cuz that would just be so not good if things weren't okay right now. :(

I really fucking need a job. Cuz I wanna get things .. Not necessarily for me, too. Presents and that kinda stuff. Around a week ago, I put it as a 'To Do' to finish my resume by Wednesday the 10th of March, which is tomorrow. As if that's gonna happen, really. :I So I changed it to Friday the 12th, but I know it's not going to be done by then, either.

Oh, Michelle's birthday today, I really like how I wrapped her present .. Lol. It was just in the off-white drawing paper I've wrapped everyone else's present in, but I got a rectangle of brown cardboard and cut out 'hbd' and put a coloured cut-out from a magazine behind, and outlined the cut out letters. Then put paper on the back so it was a card, and the whole present was finished with a silky white ribbon. I love wrapping presents. o__o

Fuck, man. I hate it when you're talking to someone .. And you think they're pissed or something, but they say they're okay, but you're pretty sure they're not, and you want to talk to them and stuff, right? But they're just not talking and making conversation. I just hate it how I keep checking to see if they've said nething. When they haven't. And I hate it how I check when the last message was received and how long ago that was.

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