Ohhhh, so tired, haven't blogged properly in a while, too. I was out for like the whole weekend, didn't go online and everything. Okay, so this is a brief rundown of what happened. I can't go into too much detail cuz I don't really remember that much, and some stuff is just boring. :I LOL.

Saturday, 6th March was my mum's birthday, happy birthday! :)
Saturday actually was really crap in the morning, but things got heaps better. Omg, I was on the phone or something, not sure, but I was awake at 12:53am and I was like, OH SHIT, IT'S MUM'S BIRTHDAY, so I was gonna go say happy birthday but then I thought, Nah wait, she'll tell me off for being awake. So I forgot to say it in the morning cuz I woke up late and was meant to go out with a group of friends and their friends and stuff, but I was in such a rush in the morning, I forgot! It was so bad, cuz I walked to the T-Way and waited for the bus, but when the bus came, I forgot that I didn't have any money in my wallet and had to walk back home and get money and everything, farr! Anyway, this day was pretty cool, and I called my mum in the afternoon and said happy birthday on the phone, haha. Cuz my mum was going out with her friend for lunch today, or else I would've stayed at home or we would've done something as a family. Umm, so I went to Hurstville for shopping today, but I didn't get nething! Was looking for a top to wear for Jennie's, but didn't find nethinggggg. Don't actually remember much of today. Saw Wendy with Eric, at Glenfield? Oh, I learnt how to play poker!

Sunday, 7th March Bicentennial Park for mum's birthday, with family and fam friends
So yeah, we woke up early-ish and went for a picnic at Bicentennial Park! So we brought all this stuff and my parents called my family friends if they could come as well. So we went and picked up one of my fam friends and the rest were coming later, but we had to drive their car, cuz our car couldn't fit more people. So we were loading stuff into their car, from ours, and LOL, when we arrived at Bicentennial Park, there were a lot of families and everything, the grass is so green and the place is so fresh and nice. Anyway, so we were like, OH SHIT, we left a bag with the drinks on the driveway (at my fam friend's place), LOL. So we called the other ppl that were gonna come later and told them to pick it up for us. LOL. We found a place under an umbrella, and it wasn't really sunny, but it was still warm with winds/breezes, it was really nice. I should just upload photos my dad/sister took, cuz it'd just be a lot easier to explain what it looked like, haha, but my dad hasn't uploaded anything onto Facebook yet and I can't be bothered to find the memory card and everything, so I'll just post photos here when my dad uploads it on Facebook. Cuz he uses Facebook. LOL. :P

But omg, okay, there were these water fountains for display and that you can play around in, and so all these kids and people with bikes and stuff were just playing in it and splashing each other and riding through the water, it was soo cool. So me, Genvin and Steph were just playing around with it and getting soaked (cuz I don't wanna say 'wet', lol) and I fucking forgot my stupid idiot phone was in my pocket and I got my shorts wet! :S I took my phone out of my pocket and it was a bit wet, so I roughly wiped it on Genvin's shirt cuz it was still dry and told him to keep it in his pocket cuz he wasn't gonna full stand in the water and get all wet and stuff. So yeah, I really had to go toilet so we went back and Genvin gave my phone back and I was like, Wth, something's wrong .. cuz my screen was blanked out! :S And I pressed a button and it lagged in turning the light on and I was like, Oh fuuuckk, and there was a bit of water in the screen, behind the plastic screen yeah, and I was getting worried, cuz I got a message and I was texting back, but the screen kept blacking out! I was full worried, and I was like, What the fuckkk, to my sis, and we went back to where we were sitting and I told my dad and he was a bit annoyed, full like, This is the second phone you've had and the second one you've messed up, first one you left it on the bus and now you get water in it, you mess up everything you get, you broke the camera as well, blah blah, and I guess that's true, but it's not like I fricken do it on purpose, farout. So yeah, my fam friend was like, Oh this happened to Lucinda (her neice), just blow it with a hair dryer when you get home, but on cold, not too hot and stuff, and she told me to turn my phone off, take the battery out for a bit, so yeah I did that .. Was full worried! Anyway, so the rest of fam friends came and they had a Breadtop cheesecake for my mum, and we were just eating that and stuff, haha. :)

Um, then me, Genvin and Steph wanted to go back to the water works and we played in that again, and there was this little area that looks like one of those creepy outdoor human mazes .. Like the ones where they're just hedges, and if you were to have an ariel view, it'd make a maze and people are meant to walk in and get lost and go crazy. :S LOL. Like in Harry Potter and The Shining! :( But it looked like that from outside, you walk in and it's just some gravel and seats and trees, it's nice. :) Feels all secluded and intimate in there, haha. Anyway, there was this building that looks soo Lego-like, kinda, and there was a massive sundial! And Idk wtf was wrong with me but I was rolling around on the concrete LOL. The park was soo cool, though, full big and everything is connected and everything. We were gonna go back but then my family and fam friends came back up so we were all in the water area .. I'll just post photos of this. LOL. I don't even know when we went home, but it wasn't thaat late, I guess, but I don't know cuz it looks bright at like 6-7pm, so Idk. On the way home we passed by Cooks Hill for $10 steak and chips HAHA, but just take away cuz we didn't wanna wait too long in the line, I think. So yeah, got home, I wasn't really hungry or nething. Blowdried my phone and it kinda helped. It got the water off the plastic screen, but there was still water on the LCD screen? Was kinda worried .. Turned my phone off and it was fine but kept blanking out and I was panicking again. Turned it off, blowdried it more, turned it on again and it was fine. Ate a bit for dinner, tried napping for a bit but didn't sleep. Went into my mum's room later, to watch Transformers 2 cuz we were watching it the night before but didn't finish. T2 isn't as good as the first one, I rkn. Full not as good. Cuz it's just too intense, esp. at the end. Anyway, talked on the phone cuz that's how I roll, and talked on my mobile as well, later. Some of the water had evaporated, which was really good.

Monday, 7th March Geography excursion at Windang
No offence but it sucked. The only nice thing about the place are the crazy expensive and architecturally designed houses. That's what I think, anyway, haha. All you do is walk around and get some measurements and I think it's boring. And I don't think I would've gotten a high mark for participation. Haha, dayum. I put my name tag (cuz you get name tags) on my arm, and when Vanessa ripped it off me like a wax strip (really fast and going against the direction of hair growth), I fricken got waxed but not fully, and I now have a rectangle on my arm that's less tanned. And my skin was sunburnt before I put the tag on my arm. Cuz, uh, some of my skin got ripped off and .. er, you can see it. Cuz the colour's .. yeah. Kinda gross to talk about this. Sorry. LOL. :D And Vivian and/or Tracey said I looked darker. But not my face, cuz I got sunscreen for that. :) I need to get whiter .. O____O

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