Aw he's cute. Dongho from U-Kiss. And I couldn't be bothered finding another pic off Tumblr, so just used this.

Okay, so today started off terrible. Me and Vanessa started our geography assignment last night at around 9:30pm, and I had to go off at 11:00pm, but by that time, we'd finished around 5/8 slides and we still had to do the flyer. Vanessa's Microsoft Powerpoint wasn't working, so she couldn't work it on at her place. Anyway, plan was for me to take the early train, and we'd cram it before period 3, during the morning at at recess. Well fucking hell, I went to get a large hot chocolate from Livo Hospital, since I slept at 4am, haha, but anyway, I get to the station and realise I have to buy a ticket in the next 3 minutes, fkn, there was a queue and everything, and I end up missing the train like .. I got down to the station and the doors are closed, train's still there. FAROUT, man. Fricken, so I was really annoyed this morning cuz of that.

And then English assessment .. Don't even talk to me about it, man. :S I really think I failed it, but I'm not sure. It's out of 20 .. I had like hardly any idea what to write! :S My time management was really crap, and omgsh man, I just really hope I get 70%, so that's like 14 out of 20 .. But I don't know if I even got that .. :S I'm pretty worried, if I think about it and everything, but that's why I'm trying not to think about it too much .. But I don't know, I really really really hope I get at least 15. :S Like .. Please God, I really hope I get at least 15, and I think it'd be like practically a miracle if I do. Please, please, please. :S :S :S :S

Oh, I can listen to K-Pop again! Off my ban, haha, and was off since yesterday but I didn't listen to Korean. B2ST HAVE A NEW ALBUM, OMG, CALLED SHOCK, I THINK? Gotta download it soon .. And I have to get A.MI.GO by SHINee! :D I really really like the dance for Replay (SHINee), it's such a good dance and everything, really like it. :) And Phil Enego was dancing part of Abracadabra today! LOL. Full funny, cuz I saw it all from behind, HAHA.

Oh yeah, uni kids start uni today.

Umm .. OMG, I'm actually learning stuff in science, now! :D Like, seriously, for the past two years I haven't learnt jackshit, Watts is soo bad, can't teach for shiet. Coombes is soo good, even though I had him in year 7 and failed half yearlies, omg, but he's soo good, full learning stuff, finally. :D Like me and Vanessa .. finally learning stuff, LOL. ^^!

Songs to learn:
1. Summertime - NEWS
2. Man Man Ha Ni - U-Kiss
3. Not Young - U-Kiss
4. Replay - SHINee

Man, I found the funniest GIF yesterday .. Well, like, I'm really looking for this GIF that I thought was really cute/funny. It was someone from SHINee that was laughing so hard they fell off their chair and Idk, it was so funny, keke. :D Time to look through chatlogs ..


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