Hey do you know if mossimo biefs are cheaper at mossimo store or myer?

Um, I don't know, but I haven't bought any briefs or nething from Mossimo store. I got mine from BU, Myer and .. yeah, that's it, I think. BU is good! And the Boxing Day sales at Myer were crazzyyy. ^^

you are so * sorry stupid typo. lucky i'm anonymous or i'll die of shame. LOLOL

Err, LOL, it's not really that big a deal but okay, aren't you lucky it's anonymous, then. :P

are so sweet for worrying about people who you don't even know!

Aww, thank youuuu. :D But it's not like someone's gonna come up to me with a problem and I'll just be like, Okay sucked in, deal with it, life sucks and I can't help you or anything. That's just dogg .. LOL. :P Idk, Formspring is for answering questions and giving advice, isn't it? :D

YO whats happening ;D

Oh, I'm blogging and then I should be working or doing something more important, but uh, whatever, LOL. :)

Year eight's are gone kekeke

Oh, really? Wow, okay, LOL, I had no idea.

Isirt better to use an eyelash curler before using mascara?

YES. I think it's a lottt better! Well, if your lashes aren't curled already (err, so basically, if you're Asian, haha, jokes) then it's a lot better, makes your lashes look a lot nicer, and I don't put mascara without curling my lashes now, keke. BUT your mascara might be too heavy for your lashes and might weigh them down and get rid of your curl. Mine doesn't, though, haha. :)

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