You liked Lawrence?! tell me the details. Please Genny >:)

Oh, this was in year 7, and I obviously wasn't as smooth as I am now, HAHAHAHA. But I don't think I even knew him that well, LOL, but mm, my year 7 crush of the year (LOL WTF) was Lawrence. :)

I'm jealous of Lawrence, he has such a kiddy face. I want that Y_Y"

LOL. And he has such pale and soft skin? WILLIAM IS SOOO CUTE THOUGH, MEGA INTENSE CUTE, LOL. :D

How do you wear your CR bag?

With the handbag straps, cuz the long strap plus stupid lace up school shoes makes me look incredibly lanky and very very bad. LACE UPS MAKE ME LOOK REAALLLY LANKY! :(


Cuz he's attractive. :) HAHA.

I have a few colours and YES get red its so sexxy ;D it looks real good if you have a lightish skin colour AHAHAha i love nail polish to!

RED MAKES MY HANDS LOOK PALER AND MAKES MY FEEL THAT ARE PALE LOOK GOOD. HAHA. :DD I love red, but I can't wear a full bright one or else it looks weird, cuz my hands aren't full pale, so the red I have is a little dark but it works and makes my hands look paler. Looks mad, love itt. :D

I really try to stop thinking about the other guy, buh the thought just pops in my head , i cant help it ;_; LMAO omygosh i REALLY hope lawrence doesnt read this AHAHHA he might know who i am TT' Hmm i guess ill keep liking him, buh ill keep discrett ;D

What's this, you like two people? ;) HAHA, jk. :P Well, I think you should try and get over the first guy, though, for sureee, and then hope Lawrence doesn't read this and yeah. LOL. Heaps of people have liked Lawrence, though, I swear. O__O

hey so are you bringing your cr bag or your puma bag tmrss. xD

I actually have no idea! I usually bring Puma on Wednesdays, but it's mufti tomorrow, so maybe nott ..

Who are the girls who hang around Ashly?

Err .. I think Diem and I'm totally sorry but that's all I know. :( Maybe Anh? I know Diem for sure, though, cuz I see them on the train together after school. >< This makes me look so bad; I hardly know my grade.

I like the shorts you're wearing in the third picture on your blog. ;) What brand are they/where did you buy them?

I'm shocked people still look at the photo on my profile page, feels like ages since I uploaded that, HAHA. Um, well, my sister bought them from Jeans West last year or maybe even the year before, and I liked them and she didn't, LOL, even though she bought them. Anyway, so I had to buy them off her LOL, and she's a bigger size than me so I have to wear a belt. ALSO, I've rolled them up heaps, cuz I wanted them to look like that LOL, but they're normally longer than that. :P

Please put ur answered formspring questions onto your blog.

Aww .. But seriously, some people have seriously hated it when I posted every single question asked on Formspring. Right now, I don't know how the freak I got 14 messages in like the last 45 minutes, LOL, last time I got more than 10 is ages ago, which sucks, LOL. But I'll only post to my Blogger if:
a. Stupid Formspring posts it even if I don't tick the box.
b. The question asked is something that needs to be confirmed. Like a rumour or something, and I'll post up the response to my blog.
c. If I get 5+ questions. LOL.

You look kind of slutty sometimes. But you're still pretty

LOL cuz the clothes I wear, yeah! Full short shorts and shit LOL. It's so weird, omg, like the shorts I wear now are so much shorter than before, goshh. TT" But man I love shorts, gg, LOL, and I don't really care what people think, just as long as I'm not like OTT cakeface and trashed up, y'know? LOL. Cuz I actually really like that .. look. O___O Like, with ripped stockings and whatever .. You'd see heaps of photos of style like that on Tumblr. Well, the people I'm following have photos like that, LOL. Oh, but thanks! :D

How do I become white?

I don't know, but I think there are some soaps and products that have been proved to whiten your skin. Like soaps and stuff. Grace uses them! LOL. And you could probably find some products overseas that'll help you with that. I don't know why my face is paler than the rest of my body though, LOL, so if you were asking cuz you think I'm like pale then it's not really like that HAHA.

How many hours do you spend on the net? Must take ages to answer all these questions?

Err, too many HAHA. But I don't know, I still get some homework done, teehee. LOL. Well I don't know, I don't have Facebook and I don't Tumblr as much, so I just blog once and Formspring for the rest of the day? LOL. :P

What % did you get for Dillon's hw?


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