If your period starts a week early is it normal?

Um, I actually have NO idea .. Um, I Googled it a bit, I think it should be fine, I'm assuming there's no chance you could be pregnant? ;__;

I meant for my boobs, I want absolutely nothing. Just flatness. T_T"

Um, yeah, I know that's what you mean? Why do you want nothing? :O

Oh, sorry. Because when I said you dont answer all the questions - I meant you dont post them on ur blog :(

Oh, cuz a lot of the time I only answer like one question, and it'd full spam my Blogger if I did that. :( Cuz seriously, just an hour before or smth I kept getting like 1 or 2 messages right after I'd just answered 1 or 2 that just came in a few seconds ago, LOL. But sometimes it posts to my Blogger and I didn't even tick the box to make it go there, so that's annoying. TT" But what I try and do is post to Blogger if I think it's a good question that has like a response to something I've said before (like in a post or something) or like to confirm something, or if I get 5+ questions.

im so confused how does this thing work.

Um, so you leave me a message which is meant to be a question but it doesn't have to be, and it's anonymous, unless you decided to leave your name in the message or if you have an account and click the 'Leave your info' or something. And then I'll find it in my inbox and answer it, without knowing who you are (unless you left any info). :D

OH yeah i just wanted to say thanks so much for answering the questions and giving me advice even when you dont know me, it really helps me a lot (:

Awww, no worries, that's why I made this thing LOL. :D I love it when you guys ask me stuff like that, though, LOL! :D Makes me feel smart, or like .. Makes me feel like I actually know stuff that you guys wanna know? HAHA. :D

MY gosh, rimmel nail polish is nice asss!

WHICH COLOURS DO YOU HAVE! :D I really like it too, hahaha, I have Coralicious LOL which probably looks really bad HAHA and I've got Black. And I wanna get this frosty pink one, and this red one .. Love nail polish, soo sexy, HAHA. I haven't painted my nails in ages, though! :0 Well it full feels like ages. But yeah, I really wanna get those colourrrsss. :L

Ha Yeah, for the last guy i liked it dint out so well, and i tried to stop thinking about him nowadays, buh you know its hard to just forget. About your ex, hes a jerk for dumping you!(: & i dont want get over lawrence, but i feel like i dont have a chanc

Wait .. so you still think about the other guy? D: Awww .. And as for Lawrence, man I hope he doesn't read my blog, HAHAHA, but if he doesn't know and everything, then you should keep liking him, then, if you think it's worth it. Cuz I would just be .. Idk, I'd just get sad after a while and know when it's time to let go. LOL, dramatic sounding much! :P But Idk, it's good that me and my ex broke up. Things were good after that. Even if not as first. :)

OMYGOSH I know who angela is! ahahah thnaks xD

LOL! She's nice, haha, we used to be mega tight in year 7 but not nemore. D: And she's got like the nicest clothes out, and she's smart and everything, GRRRR. TT"

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