OMG. Lawrence is so sexy.. AHAHAHAHAHA.

LOLL. He's nice. :)

i read all these Q's people posted up and there's so much about L and how he's full nice and flirts with girls and stuff. But has he ever even gone out with a girl? LOL cause he seems sweet and innocent yet, pretty flirtyyy! ;D

Um. I don't think he has .. Haha, you know he has Formspring now, right? http://formspring.me/LZorro I think.

You're lame HAHA. But you're also incredibly beautiful so all good.

LOL. I don't know if that would really equal up but okay. ;__;

O___O whitening soap/products?? Can you please ask Grace where you purchase them and the name? That's so cool! ahaahahas. Ever since holidays ended, my face is all orange-y red and now tanned- it sucks! :(

Hmm Grace isn't on now but remind me to ask her later. I have nooo idea what the products are so yeah LOL. I think they're whitening, anyway. O___O Aww, that must suck, to be orange-red when tanned. D:

How was sport?

It was so hot at sport, ughh, and we hardly did nething. T__T"" We played like a variation of dodgeball but man, so hot, ugh. ><

You looked pretty today :D

Why thank you. :D

Damn lawrence has good genes! How much i would do to get his skin colour and straight hair!!

LOL, he's really pale. o__o And he has nice legs. I tried to find someone that would say Lawrence doesn't have nice legs, and it was hard. NO JOKES, LOL. D:

are fat guys worthy of love? Cos girls only like fit guys right? TT"

Sounds so slack, lol. I'm soo tired atm, so all my replies are gonna suck. LOL. Well, I don't think girls really care too much. Some would, but heaps of people aren't gonna care. :D

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