I'm kinda sleepy. I got home at like almost 5 or something cuz I had to train/bus it home from Cabra. Swimming carnival's tomorrow, and I think Grace is going cuz Hong can't go Parra with her, haha. Um, today felt really long. Oh, it was mufti. Oh and I didn't have to pay for Mufti again LOL, I kinda haven't paid for like 50% of the mufti days I've been to LOL. Not cuz I actually miss out on it on purpose but stuff comes up so it's cool, haha. :D My net's being kinda weird, as well, Formspring and Tumblr are lagging and Blogger isn't autosaving properly, hmm. Oh I'm really poor right now. It really sucks. :I

So we went to Cabra after school cuz Danica wanted to show me these heels, and there were these other ones that were real nice. But Idrc cuz I don't even wear heels and I don't have money? Lol. Um, so we found Christie, Grace and Vivian and Idk Vanessa and Angela bought Gaytimes and we saw Lawrence and Nicholas in their bus so we gave them berries cuz Grace/Vivian/Christie had bought them LOL. Walked around Cabra a lot and people got like drinks and food and stufff .. I had to train it home and stuff so yeah, got home later. Oh sport sucked.

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