How was your day :D

My leg is mega intense itchy! LOL. TT" Fricken mozzie bites, man, making my legs look soo gross. Hmm, what did I do today ..

I keep waking up really late, now, full having to rush my showers, it's really bad. :( This morning I forgot my clip and I didn't have a hair tie or anything, so I had to go to Woolworths in the morning just to buy stupid hair ties, but I guess that's good, cuz I always borrow people's. And keep them and probably lose them, LOL. Anyway, so I got them and whatever, $4 farout, I've spent way too fucking much this week and it makes me very very sad. Walked to the station and I saw Jackie! Saw her a few days ago, haha, but whatever. :P Went to school, science was first period, and Coombes is a lot lot better than Watts, as a teacher. With Coombes, I've actually learnt stuff, but Watts for the past two years .. I haven't learnt anything, most the learning I do in the whole year is when I write study notes from the textbook. But anyway, we were learning about covalent compounds and how they have bonds and share electrons and stuff. :) Then in maths, we had a topic test, and I'd totally forgotten about it, but whatever, it's just maths topic test, right? Wasn't too hard, I hope I got 100% though, cuz I did not full good in topic tests last year, always like 90-100% percent. Like I usually got 92 or something. :( Then we had double PE in the hall, and Ms Thomas told me and Vanessa off, psh, she was so angry today, gosh. But PE was cool, we actually got some stuff worked out, but we still have heaps of work to do. We're so screwed for dance, and in my geo class, my group for is so screwed for our geo assessment, due next Monday. :S :S Hmm, what else. Oh, ag was really boring, McCord just talks a lot and keeps going and no one really listens, so yeah. Art was cool! So there are 6 tasks everyone's gonna have to do, under different headings and stuff. 6 different headings, right? And then under those headings, there are like 2-6 different activities, and you have to choose to do one of them. So for example, you could decide to write a list of people who have changed your life and taught you stuff, and you have to take photos or sketch them. Another one is you document everything you eat and drink for a day, and take photos, notes and sketches of it and stuff. Umm, this other one was to take a photo of yourself every hour for 24 hours, or every 5 minutes for 2 hours. It's pretty cool, fun and stuff, and Miss was just going through each of them, even though that's gonna take really long, but it was cool. Times like this, I like art, LOL, but sometimes I'm just so annoyed I chose it when there was other stuff like PASS or Jap. >< But today was good, I guess! Nothing too special, but it wasn't really a bad day or anything. Umm, oh yeah, going Livo tomorrow cuz it's closed weekend .. I haven't hung around in Cabra for really long, hmmm, I should do that sometime, maybe.

Haha, what a long response. And I've gotta do Truong homework now, so yeah. :P

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