I wanna print photos for my room, too. :( How weird, I have Love Story by Taylor Swift stuck in my head. I like the clip for it. It's cute. LOL. :D Smth like And I said, Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone, I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run, you be the prince and I'll be the princess, it's a love story, baby just say yes HAHA. But I've got it stuck in my head, yeah, might go listen to it later.

So school today was pretty cool. :P Heaps of people weren't here; year 7's and some year 10's at camp and hardly any year 12's cuz they're year 12's, LOL. So everyone got split up into mixed roll call classes, and we just hung around in the classroom and didn't really do nething. Err, so Yvy showed me these 2AM and 2PM vids where they had to sing, and each time, they had to go an octave higher, it's full funny LOL. Idk, you just have to watch it, man, ask Yvy for it or something, HAHA. Um, so after that I showed Yvy some Idol Army and Maknae Rebellion vids, so I don't know, did I break my ban from Korean tv shows? I was watching it, but I couldn't hear it .. So I don't know, I wasn't really watching it, more like looking over every few minutes for a while. So yeah, don't know if I broke it or not?

Had to run for the train, but we made it and everything, haha. Oh, it was only like me, Grace, Christie, Yvy, Vanessa and Liza at school today. Lisa and Angela had left early to go shopping or something, haha. So yeah, after school I went Livo with Nick, to find him a bag for uni. Omg, uni kids start next Monday, so soon, haha. But yeah, walked around and stuff, didn't really find nething, but haven't hung around with him in a while, it was cool. :D Got home at like 4:30pm, and my mum wasn't even sus or mad that I got home later than normal, which is so weird, LOL. Um, didn't sleep after school so I was kinda tired at Truong, and during class I didn't know what was going on but I got it in the end. :S

Mardi Gras is tomorrow .. I wanna get a job! :O Cuz I really need to save up and pay for things or buy things faster, cuz it's just taking too long. :/ Y'know I'm not even 14 and 9 months yet? :0

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