I think I'm getting too worked up over Jennie's 16th. LOL. Dress to impress .. I'm full wondering what to wear and everything. It's not even gonna be big a deal, too. And I hardly see Jennie, tbh. Last time I saw her properly was like mid September last year. She's so busy. :0

Ooooh, General Pants updated their site. :D Keke. They have their Winter Lookbook up, it's alright, I guess. Ughhhhh, I can't even spend that much for Jennie's, but I'm getting so worked up! :( I full wanna get like eyeliner, heels, skirt, top and everything .. Farout.

From Rubi and General Pants Co.

Err. So I asked Angela and I think Danica what I should wear, and Angela was like, wear like a slouchy singlet and a short, puffy skirt? Or smth like that? Oh shit, just realised I've gotta do Truong. Um, yeah. I really like Angela's skirt from swimming carnival! :O But yeah, I was thinking to get those black boots with the buckles up there, from Rubi, $59.95, but I'm not gonna be able to afford them in time, since I've got Danica and Michelle's present to get. Gahh. So I was thinking, I could get those leopard ones, right? Like, wear those leopard ones with a black high skirt and like Idk, a singlet top but I don't really wanna wear a singlet top but Idk what else I could afford. But I just realised that it's not like I can wear those leopard shoes with EVERYTHING, but maybe I could, haha. Maybe. :) OH, and just wear that with accessories, like bracelets and necklaces and stuff. I really wanna get those studded bracelets from Rubi, the ones like everyone has, and they're 3 for $15, which is pretty mad. I just have to figure out what's most important to get, though. Danica lets me borrow her heels cuz we're the same size and stuff, but like she only bought them recently, I don't wanna wear them before her kinda thing, but she's probably worn them out already, but still, they're so new, and the heel is so high, I haven't even tried them on so I don't know if I can walk in them. AND WHAT IF I BREAK THEM. :O So yeah, haha. The leopard heels aren't that bad. :) Need to find a skirt and top.

Priceline's got a sale on Revlon lipstick and lipgloss, so I wanna get it, it's like $15.95 down from $21.95, and they've got good shades, too. So I wanna get that. Gah. :(

So today in PE, we were doing some theory work, pretty much planning our dance. My group is like Vanessa, Grace, Yvy, Kevin and Kabhi and we haven't really done nething, today was like our most productive day. So our theme is bullying and sexuality, and I don't think it's planned out too well kinda, cuz I can't dance for SHIT, and I'm gonna be one of the main 'characters'? O__O Like at first, they're like, Okay, Genevieve's a bi and everyone bullies her and she commits suicide, LOL. But then they decided to change it so that Vanessa was bi as well, but then we changed it so that we were lesbo together, LOL. So our dance is basically, we're hanging around in a group, people find out we're lesbo and are like LOL WUT, YOU LESBO? and then they bash me and Vanessa and yeah, that's pretty much it. Not sure what songs we're gonna do, cuz probs find heaps of things that'll work. :D

Art was good, didn't do nething and we have like new tasks and stuff. It's a lot of work, tbh. We have to do our stupid tonal sketch, oil painting on canvas (I think it's with oil paints newais) and we have like 6 other small-ish tasks to do. But it'll all be due after the holidays, which should be alright, I guess.

OH YEAH, I saw Neil (Chungy's brother) at the station today. And saw Jackie in the morning! :D And she was on a hospitality excursion, haha, with her funny uniform. LOL. But yeah, saw Neil after school, well he saw me first, lol, and him and Alvin look soooo much alike, full same voice and I reckon they look similar but Neil has a rounder face and not as tall? But yeah, so that was pretty cool. :P

It's really hot today. Hot hot hot. Well, not really, but I'm sitting here right now and I think it's pretty hot. I wanna take some photos later, since it's still bright and since I found my dad's camera. With 10 second timer. Finally. LOL. :D But I suck at taking photos, everything always comes out so blurry. But that's cuz all the other times I've been taking photos, the screen's broken and I don't know what the hell the photo looks like until I put the memory card into the computer. :(

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