Ughh, was so tired this morning, but I bought Breadtop from Livo and it was like actually warm and everything, so it was nice and it made me not as sleepy during the day, how mad was that, LOL. But I full had to use like all my coins and shit, paying in like 10c and 5c, LOL. Um, I don't really remember what happened today .. Err, Wednesday. Oh, commerce is kinda cool now, like I'm finally talking to the new people more, cuz Wendy's not here. LOL. Like since she's not here, it's just me, Vincent and Jason, so yeah, get to talk to them, they're pretty cool. :D Creating Connections people went on camp today. Oh whoa, today was the first time I hugged someone in a while. Kinda. Not really. But lol I can't explain it. Sport was alright, we really suck at hockey. I napped after school, and when I got home (which was like normal time), I was like Hello, cuz I usually say that so my sis/mum know I'm home, but they didn't hear me, and I put my bag in my room and then went to the kitchen and my mum's like, WHEN DID YOU GET HOME, WHY YOU HOME SO LATE, HUH, DID YOU GO CABRA AGAIN, and I'm just like, What the fuck, I got home just then, as if I'm fricken late, it's fricken normal time and I got home ASAP, fricken took the earliest bus there. And newais, I napped after school and woke up at 6:25pm, but since it's still kinda bright then, I was like, WHAT THE FUCK, SHIT, I FORGOT TO CALL MY FRIEND, WTFFF, cuz I thought it was 6:25am and like, that I woke up the next day. LOL. But I was just sitting there thinking 'Shit man .. omg, wtf' and trying to figure out what I did, like wtf, how the hell did I sleep for so long and not remember anything, but yeah, then realised it was 6:25pm and still Wednesday. LOL. TT" Was doing maths homework, then decided to come out and get on a stupid computer cuz I couldn't get on one before.

I think I'm gonna be going out too much. My parents are gonna get pretty pissed. Ugh.
FRIDAY 26TH FEB.: Closed weekend - Livo after school
SATURDAY 27TH FEB.: Should go city with my sis to buy a present + maybe Mardi Gras is on?
SUNDAY 28TH FEB.: Going to friend's house

SATURDAY 6TH MAR.: Mum's birthday + I wanna go city with friend, or go out that day
SUNDAY 7TH MAR.: If I don't go out with friend yesterday then I wanna go today + going to Vanessa's house for stupid PE dance stuff

FRIDAY 12TH MAR.: Jennie's 16th, 7pm-12am. :D

To buy:
- Danica's present
- Michelle's present
- Maybe a present for Jennie, probably chip in for something
- Shop for what to wear at Jennie's

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