G! when are you going to tell meeeeee :(

Hey is this Liza? LOL. I have no idea when I'll tell, but I'll tell you guys sometime, dw. HAHA.

where are you :(

Far I can't get on a computer, that's all. And cuz I napped after school cuz I was tired, then had dinner and couldn't get to a computer cuz Genvin was doing some iTunes shit or smth. TT'

my is my penis hard when I look at food

Maybe you're looking at eye candy, oh snapppp! Nah that was just dry, LOL. :(

hahahahha. you compared your boobs to flowers. thats funny shit man

I know, omg, fricken worst comparison I could think of LOL, farout. :(

you're not bothered to blog anymore ! farrrr :(

Cuz I haven't been able to get onto a computer that much, recently. Dw it's just recently, cuz I've been tired after school, or I went to my friend's place which is also cuz I was tired, cuz I missed my bus stop cuz I dozed off, which is mega weird cuz I was still awake when the bus was at the stop before, then closed my eyes and missed my stop but opened my eyes before the next stop. So I went off at the stop after and decided to walk to my friend's place, cuz I was meaning to visit. :D But yeah, it's just lately, haven't been able to get onto a computer, or if I do then it's not for too long. :( Sorry.

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