Arrghh, my legs are so itchy! I went to Jacqueline and Jennifer's after school, full spontaneous, keke, walked over to their place from the stop after my usual stop after school. And yeah! Today's Jackie's 5 months with Eddie, so h5m. :D You two are like mega cute. But apparently this other guy asked a girl out today so they have to share dates now? LOL.

I've gotta do English homework and send it over to Miss thing. Smith. Yeah, but I'm not 100% what we're meant to be sending over, but I'm pretty sure it's just one task. And I've got stupid history speech to do, due tomorrow, ugh! Stupid Pollock. :I It's kinda weird, we've been having way more discussions and everything, but he hasn't called on me for an answer this year yet. LOL. Andd fuck, geo, omg, it's due next week and our group has pretty much done nothing. Far, I hate geo. TT"

OH. We passed Jennie's house, and her 16th is coming up, and the venue is like .. I can walk there, no jokes, it's closer than Hinchinbrook T-Way from my place! :D Only it's on a Friday, so I'm gonna get there like a few hours late and .. what about makeup. LOL. :( Dress to impress, that's the theme. Man, Jennie's so pretty, gahh! D:

Creating Connections camp tomorrow. Have fun, bitches. D:

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