I mega had like the worst stomach ache from the beginning of English tutor till like 8:45pm. Well, I had this really bad one once, during PE and art last year, maybe around as bad, but last year I was like feeling so shit I was like just so dead, didn't feel like walking or anything. But this one was pretty bad, but I got home and drank some water, ate some food and after that it was gone, full gg, man. It was soo fricken hot today, no jokes, and stupid double period of ag we just walked around the farm, no one was even listening to what McCord was saying, ughh! Talked to Anna G about Soundwave, and her haircut makes her look so cute, far, I wish I was cute like that, HAHA. Oh .. in art, when people saw my photo they liked it, and I'm just thinking, Omg, aww, thank you! :D Cuz Idk, it's just a photo, right? o___o But yeah people were like Oh it looks good, and I'm like Omg gg. :D Keke.

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