LOL You're a good guesser. Cody was the BEST before she left for London. :'(

OHHHH she left for London? I didn't know why she left, that's all, HAHA. I had her in year 8 and she was pretty cool .. but that was still when Ross was like a bitch. LOL. Cuz no offence she's just slack to her 7-8 classes, HAHA, cuz once I had her in year 9 she was way cooler, Idk. :P Oh but Ross is way better than that other art teacher with brown hair. I don't remember her name but even if I did then I'm not sure if I could spell it cuz I think it was something kinda weird? LOL. Cuz that teacher is .. Idk, I don't like her, had her as a sub. Oh but Ross is strict as a sub. D::

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