To do: English tutor homework; maths homework (ex. 6:04, 6:05 odd numbered questions, 6:06 odd numbered questions, handout from 19/2), take a photo of myself for art; history comprehension questions 1-5; buy/chip in for Danica's present; commerce 'Lord of the Flies' video questions.

It's soo fucking hot right now, and I really can't be bothered to take a stupid photo of myself for stupid art. Oh yeah, Soundwave is today, omg, it must be like suuper hot where they are. Genvin went and was meant to be meeting up with Jordan Bush, and then later on, he's sleeping over at our place? That's kinda weird cuz like school is tomorrow? I sign into Formspring and I had like 8 messages, and 5 out of 8 messages are about chodes and penis, omg, LOL. TT"

Full badly wanna shopppp! :(

Total cost: $689.80 LOL.

Keke, my friend wanted to see if I could like get off K-Pop and Korean shows and stuff for a week. I wonder if I can make it, LOL.

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