Oh. Turns out these photos are actually around 5MB each. I do not know how that happened, but my first guess is that the dimensions are super big. Hmm, the colour for these don't look as bright as what it looks like on Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, but I have no idea why. Like are wayy not as bright, makes me look paler and makes the whole photo look not as happy .. Eughh. I'm assuming click to view larger, but I don't know if it is or not, and these could actually be really big. And you'd my terrible skin in high resolution. HAHA.

These photos are actually .. really bad LOL. It's on timer, right, but I think for a lot of the photos, they're not actually focused on me, they're actually focused on the leaves and plants right next to me? LOL. This is for art, btw, how we have to take a photo of ourselves. In an 'interesting pose'. ;________;;; And I'm mega screwed cuz I just took these once I got home from Cabra, why did I decided to wear my stupid Bardot dress with the lace back? I'm gonna have to paint that shit. :'( Oh and I'm gonna have to crop the photos, yeah, but this is just the original photo.

The colours really suck, here! Looks so much better on .. the real thing, not just an upload. :( Ugh.

OMG HAHAHAHHA okay I can't use this cuz I was looking at it and like my hair is kinda close to my armpit and like it looks kinda awkward HAHAHA, SO LIKE I'M NOT GONNA USE THIS LOL. HOW EMBARRASSING. LOL.

My skin looks really bad here. I look so washed out and pale. :S I think I have to use this one for art. Cuz it was gonna be either this or the one before but yeah I realised that .. yeah. LOLOL. Oh .. I'm gonna edit something. Kinda cheating but it's no big deal. My neck has wrinkles. Not that I'm old or nething. THEY'RE NATURAL. 8o| HAHAHAHAHA.

This looks exactly like the one before. HAHA.

This is where my legs look a lot darker than my face. LOL. And I would use this one but it looks weird upright cuz my hair makes an ugly shape, and cuz it's blurry, cuz the camera's actually focused on my legs. HAHA.

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