did you go danica's party?

NOPE. I haven't even read about it, haven't been online where my internet doesn't suck in like ages. TT"

How was your day ? (:

I'm soo tired, but today was good. This morning was good. I love mornings. But by mornings I don't really mean mornings, it's more like 12am to when I go to sleep, that's the morning I'm referring to when I say I love mornings. HAHA. But I'm like tired for the rest of the day which really sucks, man. Today was alright, I guess, just a normal school day, don't really remember what happened .. Oh, I love sleeping in the morning as well. Cuz I got a new teddy LOL and it's like so soft, full the best and everything, I fricken love it, man. :D :D :D!

Nice headphones O: where did you get them?

eBay HAHA. But thanks, they were pretty cheap, too. :) But the writing on them is FADING, FML. TT"


PASS WAS THE BEST, OMGG. Why are you telling me to come back, LOL. I don't even know what my minor was meant to be if I didn't change to commerce, but I think it was photography/dig media LOL. BUT PASS WAS THE BEST, I'M SO GLAD I CHANGED FROM .. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS MEANT TO BE DOING IF I DIDN'T CHANGE TO PASS, HAHA. :D!

aww i dont read your blog much anymore cause of all the 96849933 of formspring posts

I know right, people have said that and .. that's cut LOL. :( And cuz I haven't been blogging normally as much, as well .. But sometimes my Formspring replies go to my blog even when I don't want them to? That's weird az, and full annoying, cuz I check my blog and it's like WHAT THE FREAK, FKN FORMSPRING BITCHES. :( LOL. TT"

i should really ask your more questions. i swear your formspring has like moodswings or something. sometimes its fucken crazy with so many questions and then some days you dont get any :( i should ask you more questions

I AGREE. My Formspring and blog are totally dying, though, and that really suckss .. :(!

What do you wear you swimming?

Nothing? Haha, jokes. LOL. :P I wear bikini and board shorts and a singlet cuz it feels revealing if I don't wear a singlet. Even though you can see through it anyway. HAHA.

i feel like i haven't talked to you in forever :( :( :(

Is this Danica? THAT'S CUZ YOU KEEP HANGING OUT WITH YOUR BOYFR. If it's not Danica thennn I don't know, haha, talk to me then. LOL. :P

LOL YOU"RE OONLY 14? O_OHrmms born between jan 1st and june 30 aye? :L (Stalker Skills)(HH)

LOL. Yep, only 14, pretty weird, yeah! Someone thought I was like 18 LOL, I don't know if that's a good thing or not, though? :P My birthdaaaaayyy issssss 31st May. Hahaha.

jessica jung is from snsd :) and agreed with the person who said that, she IS hot!

Oh, someone's said that to me before! Like someone in my class, like Yvy or Kevin or something. Man, I'm not really into SNSD tbh LOL. Like I'm not .. into them as much as other groups, I don't look up SNSD vids and etc, yeah? Haha.

he's not gonna catch up! HAHAHAHA!


Oooh Naah ooh naa naa naa, ooh naa lady gaga

Is that the Lady Gaga song .. ? LOL. :( I don't know, I don't even like her. D:

What are the different (girl) groups in your year?(list all the ones you know)

Umm. Well, there's my group, Ashley/Diem's group, Nikkida's group, I think Debbie's group is different from Ashley's group but I'm not sure, Katharine/Illesha/Andrea's group .. Umm .. That's all I can think of right now. Oh, and you have the boarders, but that has guys. And Emily's group but that has guys. And DP's group but that has guys too. ;__;

Hey I'm flat, and I don't wear a bra... its becuase my mum thinks I don't need them.. and i'm sixteen :'(

Aww, I'd be so cut if I was you. D: Do you think you need to wear one? I would be worried if I didn't/didn't have to. :( Maybe not worried, but I'd be uncomfortable with myself. Like self conscious? That's just me, though, haha. ><

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