Umm, so like I can't be bothered to blog a lot nemore, and I didn't even blog yesterday cuz like I just couldn't be bothered. No wait, it was cuz my net was being really shit and I didn't even reply Formspring cuz it took too long to load up the page to sign in and everything. Weird, yeah! :( My internet's being real shit, ughhh.

I'm soo tired after school sometimes it's so not funny. I slept after school today at like 5:03pm and I woke up at like 7:44pm, and I was so confused cuz I had no idea what time it was and .. I was so confused! LOL. :( Cuz I first thought it was like the next day, but my sis comes in and she's like Yo have dinner, lol, so this sleeping after school thing really sucks. :I

We're watching Lord of the Flies in commerce, and it's like MA15+ I think? LOL. Cuz the kid's full like, SHUT THE FUCK UP and they killed like 2 people already even though they're just kids. And one of the kids died cuz like .. He got mega pwned on the head by a big rock, and ughh, there was all this blood and it was pretty gross. What are we watching, Kearney. Kearney Army, haha. ;__; LOL.

Oh, Thang, Laurence, Kevin P, Hanson and Thomas visited today. How weird, haha, Hanson visited last week as well, but okay. And then Vanessa hugged Thang, and Grace was like, PISS OFF VANESSA and she's like, OH I DIDN'T SEE YOU, omg, full fail man, mega said the wrong thing, even I'm not that bad. Kinda. :( LOL.

We had stupid Ms Biczo as a sub for PE today which sucks cuz she sucks but it was alright cuz she couldn't find the work for us and everyone was just on their laptops and I was listening to my iPod and talking to Yvy. :) I love Yvy. HAHA. I was soo sleepy in English cuz we were watching some clips from a movie and I was totally just falling asleep, and I feel so bad cuz I don't wanna fall asleep in class, ughh! TT"

Ugh yeah I have a Truong test on Friday. I should be studying right now, cuz there's so much shit to study for in absolute values! And I was soo tired for like the past 2-3 lessons so I really have to study this time, omgsh .. AND I think my Internet's not that shit right now, haha, which means I can look up Maknae Rebellion HAHAA. :DD

Umm .. Oh yeah, so I need to: STUDY + SAVE UP + I want a Kikki.K diary, badly. Haha.

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