so how was your valentines? .....happy ncy!

I didn't do anything for Valentines, it was mainly CNY, which I spent with cousins and family and stuff, haha. :D

wow, not much questions asked anymore !

I KNOW, it succks. :(

GENNY, is something wrong with your net ):

YES. MY INTERNET FRICKEN SUCKS. But that's not why I haven't been answering Formspring, cuz I was out for like the whole day? I'm assuming you're the person that's like, 'GENNY WHERE ARE YOU ): wow i miss you after 1 day...', haha. :P

what do you think my career should be? i don't want to do any medicine stuff :( i think i should like go around the world and see if i like anything. esp in asia - grace

Oh, my cousin's in the same position as you are, kinda, only he starts uni soon and he doesn't know what he wants to do. Man, I have no idea, Grace, LOL. O__OOO

GENNY WHERE ARE YOU ): wow i miss you after 1 day...

LOL, wow, that's cool/crazy. Who are youu. O__O HAHA. I was out today. For like most of the day. With cousins and stuff, haha. :D

Hey if you're so flat, why do you wear a bra?

Cuz if I don't wear a bra that's weird. Oh but if I wear a crop top only that's weird too. o__o

Jessica Jung is soooooooooooo hot xD

I don't know who she is. :(

Are you not answering questions, or are you not getting questions ):

Um, both, LOL. I'm answering them, but you might've realised my answers are getting real crap cuz I can't be bothered answering properly, or like .. I just woke up and I'm really tired/groggy and can't be bothered to answer properly. LOL. But ask me stuff, man, I love it. :D

Whats with all your Dp's O_O They all have to be pointed at your body O_O

Man I thought you meant my MSN DP which is Lee Joon, and I'm like, What .. LOL. But they're like that cuz they're just the photos I use to show what I dressed up in on the day, and cuz I don't like taking luvos .. I don't know, lol, cuz I use a mirror to take the photos so yeah.

Mmm, their songs are alright :D But imo, the boys are pretty hot. There's one from Australia and I think he's one of the main dancers in the group?

Oohh, I see! I totally need to check them out when I'm not as capped. UGHH, I hate this crap being capped, FML.

Ask me somethingg

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