603 Happy Chinese New Year and Valentines Day

Happy Chinese new year and Valentines! :D I spent my CNY with family, haha, went out for like most the day. First, my cousins came over for a bit and then they went to their other relo's place and we went to Cabra for lunch, then we met up at grandpa's apartment and I finally had a Cornetto, then half of us went to go check out iPhones cuz my cuz wanted another one cuz she lost hers and then me, Genvin and my other cuz went to Woolies and then our uncle saw us before he checked out and was like, Yo give this to your mum, and it was some chicken LOL so we walked back to the apartment and later on, everyone else came back and my grandpa wanted to go for dinner in Campsie and like most of us fell asleep. And then we headed out for dinner at like 6 or something and we had rice there and I was like soo full and then we were gonna go home and it was raining a lot and oh yeah, I got a red pocket from my uncle with no kids today and he always gives birthday and New Year's at the same time so yeah, I have money, but I need to save that up. Badly.

So I realised my blog is kinda .. I cbb to blog that much anymore and I realised that the whole paragraph above isn't split into proper sentences and it's just like super long sentences and yeah I shouldn't be blogging cuz I'm meant to be working on stupid art? I hate it. :( And happy birthday, DP! Time to answer Formspring, hmm!

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