My internet's really slow, farout! I'm trying to load Maknae Rebellion ep 14 again, it's going really slow. Oh what, Kabhi listens to K-Pop? He's talking to me about Brown Eyed Girls, HAHAHA. I only have like one song by them, and I full wanna learn the dance for it, LOL. And Kabhi says I look like Ga-In? o__o Oh lol, 39 followers on Tumblr, GG, HAHAHA. There's no Tumblarity so I don't even care, and it's not like I Tumblr much anyway. :P Man, Lawrence is gonna pwn me on Formspring, LOL, how gay, I don't wanna be pwned on Formspring, LOL. O__O

Get get getting jiggy, getting jiggy, jiggy jiggy jiggy getting, jiggy getting eh eh eh. LOL.

Oh yeah, my cuz said I had really nice legs. HAHA. GG. Like GG that they said I had nice legs, not that it was my cousin that said my legs were nice, like I'm not happy it was HER that said that, I'm not like obsessed about her or nething LOL. :P

Oh yeah I got like 3 red pockets, and I like ate a lot o__o LOL, everyone else wasn't eating and I still was, and then they're like, Oh you guys want ice cream? And I'm like, ERRR, HAHA <> <> and then everyone else was like Nah we're full, so my aunt is like Okay 9:30 is for ice cream and we're like LOL WUT @ arranging times to eat ice cream LOL, and then we went home BEFORE 9:30 SO I DIDN'T GET ICE CREAM. I REALLY WANTED SOME. LOL.

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