Formspring takes up too many posts. Omg, newais, Genvin fricken downloads so fricken much cuz I think we're capped or something? CUZ I FRICKEN CAN'T EVEN LOAD STUPID VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE AND WTF IT'S TAKING FOREVER TO LOAD STUPID IDOL MAKNAE REBELLION, AND IT'S A NEW EP AND EVERYTHING. T__T"""

Oh yeah, house videos are up on YouTube as well, and I rkn they're all not that bad. Idk about Farrer's cuz I haven't watched it, though. Lachlyn is like okaay, Wentworth is good at the end I rkn but the beginning is kinda wtf and Macca's is good? LOL. But it's pretty long, so that's kinda annoying to load, but I rkn the Macarthur vid is good. :) UMMMM.

Chinese New Year Eve is like today so I'm going relo's later for dinner in Cabra. Woo, yeah. LOL. And maybe go to the temple in Bonny but I'm not sureeeee. I really don't wanna work on the stupid art crap we're meant to be doing, and I haven't done that much like I'm probs slowest in the class, but I really don't wanna do nething this weekend, fricken, it's Chinese New Year man, as if I wanna do that shit LOL. T__T" Tumblr's taking too long to load, so I have to find a stupid image from my stupid saved images. LOL.

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