Farr, my sleeping patterns are reaally messed up now, no jokes. :S I slept at too late and was okay for most of school, slept after school, ate dinner and then went back to sleep. :S And then my mum saw me hugging my teddy and she's like OH WHAT'S THIS, WHERE'S THIS FROM HUH ;D and she was asking me all this stuff about who it was from and I'm just like, Their name is friend, and Idk it was really sus. :( But she doesn't know who it is, but she's sus about it, haha, and I'm a bad liar when I have no story LOL. Wow, 7 emails. Lol. Went to Livo after school with Angela for a bit, and wow, I haven't talked to her in ages! :D

Newais, so I think I should do something about my sleeping times, cuz seriously man, what the fuck, why do I sleep so much after school, it fricken sucks. :( I also haven't been keeping to my new year's resolutions .. Which kinda sucks a lot.
1 As if I do my homework 4/5 of the time, seriously, haha. I can tell if I do or not, since I get maths homework every fricken day, and yeah I haven't really been doing it. :S :S Need to catch up on like 3-4 lessons, farout!

2 Err, oh, I haven't been doing 250 sit ups a week, cuz I can't be bothered anddd cuz I don't wanna get a six pack, cuz in the end I will! And I was thinking about changing it so it'd be 150 sit ups in a week, but even so, I haven't been doing that. UGH.

3 I gave up the vegetarian once a week thing ages ago cuz my parents were soo against it, it's not funny, omg. My mum was full like Omg don't go vegetarian, you're gonna have to eat so much, you'll lose so much protein, you shouldn't do that cuz you mega need all the protein and shit you can get cuz you're a growing teen and everything. Even though it's just going vegetarian ONCE A WEEK, omg. TT"

Wow, I think I can be more bothered to blog now, haha. Umm, I was full gonna say something but I don't remember .. Oh, PAPN is on today, as if I was gonna go, LOL, no offence Danica or nething.

I want an ice cream. Oh yeah, I'm also really poor right now even though it was just Chinese New Year, but whatever man, I'm fully mega meant to be saving up so I'm actually really poor .. :S

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