Where did you get that singlet you wore today, its pretty =D

From .. Globalise in Livo! But I got the last one, full sale item, $28 from $35, haha, but it's an M so it's really long andd .. yeah. But thanks! :D

LAWRENCE IS UGLY! nah jokes he's a sexy beast!

LOL. He wore heaps of eyeliner today and it was smudged and I'm like, Hey it's smudged and he's like, Then fix it for me and I had to wipe it for him. LOL. ;____;

What bag you bringing tmr?

Brought my Dotti bag today. Haha. It sucks. I need a new bag. Well I want a new bag. LOL.

WHat bus do you catch from cabra?

Err, none. LOL. I can't catch a bus from Cabra. Gotta take the 842 or T-Way from Livoooo.

what can you do to lose weight in a few weeks cos i dont have that much time .. always doing work ):

Maybe you can just make small changes to your normal lifestyle to incorporate some exercise and stuff? Like eating healthy, walking more, making small goals and stuff every week?

NICK FROM SYTYCD IS HOTTTTT LIKE.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! HOTTTTTT. i think you should watch it, genevieve LOL

LOL, everyone thinks I should watch tv. HAHA. O___OOO It's soo confusing when you just say 'Nick', though, cuz which could it be LOL.

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