name all the cute boys in your grade, you might need to clear your head for this one

Oh, someone asked me if there were any cute guys in my class and I said no, but Kevin's kinda cute. Newais, so Kevin, Kenny .. and that's all I can think of, sorry. :L

nice 8 pack

Wth LOL O__O. As if I even have a 6 pack. :L

Did you get anyone a rose :D

Nope. O__O And I didn't get one either. How weird. D:

whats with yappy&diem? i'm too slow with the news! ><"

They like each other?

heath from SYTYCD is hotter.

I don't watch SYTYCD though, I don't know who's who .. :O

can you pkease check what month edition is nylon magazine in valley plaza? So i can decide whether or not to buy it ( idon't live near there)

Oh .. I don't know when I'd be going next but okay.

Ask me somethingg

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