595 Swimming carnival

1. I'm tired and my shoulders are sunburnt. But my legs and body feel all cool cuz my clothes were cold, haha.

2. Swimming carnival, and it was alright, but I don't think the whole day was mega intense. It was just cool when we went in for free time, cuz everyone just jumped in with all their clothes on and everything, was so fun. :D

3. Omg I got home and forgot my keys. Turns out no one was home, LOL, so I spent 10 minutes figuring out which fence to climb and I really had to pee and everything. ;___;

4. Happy birthday, Sarah! I said happy birthday and then Vanessa decided to say happy birthday and group hug but that was weird cuz it was only me, Vanessa and Sarah. Then later on, Sarah's group told me and Vanessa to get Sarah and the others that were back at the carnival, LOL, like .. so sus HAHA. But yeah, they had a cake for her and stuff. Umm, Idk, fuck I'm really sunburnt and my skin is just shit. UGH.

5. Oh yeah I had nothing to dress up as, so I tied my singlet up so it'd look more slutty and got red lipstick and red on my arms so I was in Farrer. Farrer sucks, LOL, I would've went to Macarthur but I've got like no one to hang around with.

6. Um, Lawrence had all this eyeliner, haha. And Grace and Angela have nice bras, LOL. o__o Sometimes it kinda got bored, so I suggested we played Hide and Seek, so it was me, Grace, Lawrence, Yuusef, Kyleen, Thai, Nathan, Johnny and Stephen. Wow, so random, LOL. So yeah me and Lawrence tried ghosting Yuusef but it wasn't that good LOL, and then we all just sat on the porch thing outside CR1/2 and talked and stuff, it was pretty cool. :) And Paulinna came later on, haha.

7. Farrer sucks. LOL. Free time at the end was mad, though, everyone's just in the pool with all their clothes on, full nice and everything, since it was so fkn hot, ughh. My skin's all shit right now. I think I cbb to blog properly nemore. :S :S

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