gen how are you feeling today? You should've went to truongs, we played celebrity heads for most of it.

I'm good now. :D

thick lips? WHAT? DOES SHE LOL. she has small eyes though. the eyeliner makes them smaller no offence.

I think she does her eyeliner different, now. LOL. Cuz I was looking today, and she doesn't put it all the way at the bottom? Idk, I think she does it different now, but I wouldn't really know, cuz I'm not gonna like stare at her eyeliner every day. LOL.

You dont answer all of the questions :(

As if, the only question I didn't answer was the one where it was like, 'Don't answer this,' LOL.

YES.. I DO TAKE A BUS. AHAHAHAHA. I burnt in the sun waiting for the goddamn bus today.

Aww that must suck heaps! Ugh, this morning, my brother mega pissed me off. Cuz he normally takes a bus that comes only a few mins before mine, so I woke him up at 7:05am, and he's normally showering or finished his shower by then. Newais, he gets out of bed at 7:10am, which is the time I normally get in or sometimes I'm showering already, and he fucken comes out at 7:18am, and normally by that time I'm like out of the shower and dressed. FAR. So he fucken gave me 4 fucken minutes to get ready, fucken, farout, he's such a dick when he does that, it's like the only thing he does that mega intense pisses me off. Fucken hell. LOL. TT" But aww, my bus comes like less than 5 minutes after I get to the station, and it's all pretty much under the shade. :D

i wouldnt think you're a loser/bitch if u randomly started talking to me :D (Y)

Aww yay. I don't know who you are, though, LOL. TALK TO MEEE. HAHA.

hope you get better! Gene hwaiting!!

Is this Mitchell? I just know he types 'Gene' instead of my full name, LOL. IF IT'S MITCHELL, THEN OMG, YOUR MOSQUITO BITE IS SOO BAD I HOPE IT GETS WELL SOON. Just so everyone knows, I'm good now! :D

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