YES i went parra! buh it wasnt there DD: full sad now man

Omggggsh, shiet. I full want those shorts. Oh dayum. LOL.

I think the yr 9ner's would like to get to know an amazing person like you (:

Do you just want to get to know me? LOL. Idk I might talk to them .. If they talk to me as well, though, I don't wanna start the convo first, they'll think I'm a loser/bitch. LOL.

How was your day? (:

Um, it was okay.. I really hope I can go to school tomorrow. I didn't really do nething today. :/

How are dressing as a mexican ayye genny =P


Who in your grade takes your bus?

More people than I know, but I know that Ashley, Yvy, Lawrence, Nicholas, Vivian, Mariel, Avi, Jacqueline, George, Nikkida, Helena and that's all I know. Cuz Idk about the Cabra people. Oh, Christie takes the bus I think?

What does angela look like?

'What', LOL. I don't know, but she has thick lips? o__o

Ask me somethingg

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