Hm, I'm sick with a fever, so I wasn't at school today. I also didn't want to do PE or bring my art book, PE uniform and laptop on the same day, too. And I don't want to wear stupid lace-ups LOL. And cuz if I was sick with fever, wouldn't it be better if I didn't do PE? So yeah, haha. I'm not going tutor today, either. GG. o__o

And if anyone texts me and actually expect a reply, then Idk if you'd get one. Like, Danica texts me and is like 'YO. WHERE ARE YOU?', well wouldn't she have asked other people, like Grace, and Grace would've probably known that I was sick, cuz I told her? Haha. I hope I get better soon, ughh. :I I fricken hate getting fevers, omg.

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