I actually went to school today, haha. Nothing really happened, but Mr Dillon fricken pissed me off cuz he's like, Yo if you don't buy a maths textbook case then you're not gonna get a textbook so you're gonna have to come in Friday lunch and do your stupid dumbass homework, UGGH, farout, cuz seriously I'm fricken really poor right now. I have to minus $10 from my allowance every week to pay people back, and now my stupid bitch maths teacher makes me buy a $4 case when I already owe Yvy $5?! UGHHH. Oh! Hanson, Nick and Adam visited today. And omg, Adam looks a lot like Mr Trotter I reckon LOL. But yeah, haven't seen them in aagess. :D

Hm, good bus rides. Hmmm, I really can't be bothered to explain. Newais but it was this Viet guy and this druggo guy and they were full screaming and like, IF YOU WANNA HIT ME THEN FUCKEN HIT ME NOW, MOTHERFUCKER, LOL, and in the end they got off the bus and kinda pushed each other and Yvy went off before this so yeah and then the like .. Cambo or Idk, Islander guys that were in the bus as well all went off and made sure nothing really happened and they were like protecting the Viet guy LOL and Idk, they were actually pretty nice, cuz after the druggo guy went off cuz we like ditched him LOL, they were just talking and one of them started talking to me and they're nice, yeah. :D Was really hot today.

And yo, happy birthday, Veronica! :D So cute, actually cried when we were all like HBD and hugged her. Even though it was just me, Yvy, Kosh and Vanessa, LOL. :P

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