Yo watcha doing for sport ayeee

Put my name down for Mac Bowlinggg, hope I get in! :D

What do you think about using CR bags as school bags? overused? or cool (H)

It's overused, yeah, but I don't really care? LOL. Like, I use a CR bag yeah, heaps of people use it .. So it's not really 'new' or original, but it's not like, Oh what the freak, all these bitches using CR bags how unoriginal/tb/lame, haha.

do you talk to the new vincent

Kinda! We sit in the same row in commerce minor, with Wendy in between. I don't really talk to him at like lunch/recess, but in class it's kinda like a big conversation within the row, y'know? Haha. :P

what did you like about kin-munhe seems like a cool guy LMAO

Ohh, he was really nice and sweet to me at the time, haha, and we got along pretty well! I don't think he even hates me nemore, LOL, we're cool now. I think. :D

anorexic :)

As if I am! :P

i am 49kg and 160cm what do yo think of that?

I think that's a good weight! Sounds healthy and everything, LOL. :)

After reading this, you have one hour to live. What are you gonna do ?

I'm gonna tell all my friends and family that I'm gonna die soon and I love them. :( And I don't know, spend time with .. I wouldn't even know who. :( What a depressing question.

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