Cbb to blog, yeah. :/ Today wasn't that bad, yeah. Commerce is pretty cool with Kearney, and sitting next to Wendy and Jason with Vincent isn't even that weird or anything. :) My 100 6mm or 4mm (I don't remember) dome studs came in the mail, and they're gold and silver. I thought they'd come, all silver, but yeah, it's half half. And they gave a little pack of other iron on jewels as well that I'm not going to use, gosh, they look so weird. LOL. But yeah, I have my studs now, might buy more. As in, I plan to buy more, but have to figure out how to ask my dad about it. But I have to ask him about getting Vivian's present, so yeah! I wanna get more pyramids and cones ..

Hey guys, I have $60 right now. I thought it was only $55, but I have $60, yeahh! But what do I do? :S
a. Buy these boots from Dotti in black (link), stud them with dome studs.
b. Buy this Nike carry-all bag that's like Jacqueline's Le Coq Sportif bag in shape, but it's all black, and Nike is written in a dark dark grey. And stud that, maybe. Hah.
c. Buy Havaianas (plain black, $19.95) and save the rest.
d. Just save it all.


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