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Today is Wednesday, 3rd of February. Happy birthday, Annie and Wendy's sister!

1. Ready Go by B2ST is really catchy.

2. Shelley Mulshine is incredibly skinny and has a new look up on Lookbook (link). Hyped!

3. I wanna learn Gee by SNSD and the dance for at least the chorus for Sorry Sorry, Man Man Ha Ni, Bad Girl, Oh Yeah, Wedding Dress, Abracadabra .. Maybe something by SHINee as well, haha. :)

4. Oh! I bought the boots from Dotti after school. They're black and a bit above ankle height .. Yay! :D I really like them. I'll take a photo of them sometime soon. They're kinda plain, just all black, but I like them cuz they're basic? And they have a small heel, so when I walk it has that sound, HAHA. And I might stud them with my dome studs (oh, they were all silver, I just thought some were gold cuz the glue at the back was yellow-ish and reflected off the other ones, haha) .. but dome studs are kinda pussy, LOL, but cone studs will make holes in my boots and are permanent! :( So I'm not sure what to do with them atm ..

5. Put down Mac Bowling for sport, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna get it. Wilso Jnr's last day, but I never really had him as an actual teacher, haha.

6. Was so freaked people found out who I liked. No jokes. LOL. :(

7. Hmm, really want a camera, take photos and stuff. Also want to go shopping. I wanna get something from: Cotton On, Rubi, Bardot .. that's all I know of atm, haha. :0

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