i like how you answered the "5 prettiest people" question. it was really classy. im not sure if thats the right word LMAO.

LOLLL. But seriously, I hate that question! TT" So I never really answer it properly, LOL. And at the time I was like .. just woken up from a 4-hour nap HAHA and did not want to think at all. :L

are u from h.a.h.s ?

Course I am! :D

what did you eat for lunch today ?

I didn't really eat nething for lunch but I stole some chips off Sophiea. HAHA.

is diem and yap dating/have feelings for each other? they seem very close !

Ooh, Yappy and Diem! Haha. Um, I heard last year that they liked each other, and that's soo cute! I don't know if they still like each other, but they probably do, then, haha. They're so cute LOL.

OHMYGOD, i dont! not even close to it -kelly.

No, you do. LOL. Well, if I glimpsed her, then I would immediately think she looked like you. HAHAHAHA. :P But if you guys were to like stand next to each other, then you probs wouldn't look too alike. But I swear, you guys are like .. look the same! HAHA. :D

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