--- Btw, lighting isn't consistent in the photos and like the most the photos aren't clear. ---

Chanel mascara, don't even know where I got it. It's pretty old, the thing is like mostly used. :(

This photo's really blurry. For some reason, all the photos I took of my Chanel mascara turned out crap. :0

Sticker I got from my Lee jeans.

This photo's so dark ..

Green/yellow Hannari tofu from city yesterday. :D Full slept with it last night. And you can see my bear, a bit. They're both like .. the best. LOL.

From Morning Glory in the city yesterday. Attached to my keys atm, but I might put it on my pencil case instead?

Latest release by U-Kiss.

This photo's pretty dark. But aw, I loveee U-Kiss. ^^! I only have like 3 songs by them, LOL, but they're soo good. :D!

Full love this ruler, it's so cute, LOL. Only 12cm, though. But it's really cute, I rkn. Anddd it can fit in my pencil case.

MAC lipstick in I'm not sure what shade but it's a frost lipstick and one of the first few frost lipsticks in the collection, I think, and underneath is the U-Kiss album. This photo is blurry but the lighting is happy.

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